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Natural Habitats is a group fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fairly traded products.

Through a vertically integrated supply chain we produce, collect, process and trade organic, fair-trade and sustainable palm oil, cacao, coffee and other agro-products using only organic and sustainable production practices, which allows us to ensure a sustainable and reliable supply chain From Farmer to Fork.


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  • The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal

    The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal –a green frog nestled in a circle – has been appearing on coffee, tea, cocoa and fruit products all over the world since 2008. But what does it mean?

    The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal assures consumers that the product they are purchasing has been grown and harvested using environmentally and socially responsible practices (Rainforest Alliance 2014)

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  • Oil Pulling

    What is Oil Pulling?
    Oil pulling has its origins in oil gargling practiced in Ayurvedic medicine and is an age-old remedy that uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums. Dr. F. Karach introduced the current form of oil pulling in 1992 as a cure to a variety of illnesses ranging from heart disease and digestive troubles to hormonal disorders.

    The concept is incredibly simple

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  • 7 Ingredients to avoid in cosmetics

    Nowadays, cosmetics have a long list of ingredients ending in words like “-oxide” and “-amine". Unlike food, the FDA does not regulate the contents of cosmetic products whereas in Europe, the EU created a cosmetic ingredients database in order to ensure the highest level of consumer safety.

    Certain ingredients have been linked to cancer, organ failure and birth defects. When reading cosmetics labels make sure to avoid the following ingredients:

    Pyridoxine HCL
    This chemical has been shown to cause reproductive problems and endocrine disruption, and there is evidence it could cause cancer

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