organic products grown in a sustainable habitat


Natural Habitats is a group fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fairly traded products.

Through a vertically integrated supply chain we produce, collect, process and trade organic, fair-trade and sustainable palm oil. We only use organic and sustainable production practices, which allows us to ensure a sustainable and reliable supply chain From Farmer to Fork.


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  • Organic principles

    Farmers have been growing food with agricultural techniques, fertilization, and pesticides for hundreds of years. Every day there is a new product claiming to solve problems with pests, fungus, or any other crop threat. Some other products claim to be the ultimate solution for production yield intensification. Companies develop these products using genetically modified organisms, chemicals and synthetic ingredients, which are considered harmful for human beings, and responsible of cancers, mutations, and severe diseases

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  • Fat does not make you fat!

    Certain foods are good for your health. As any type of food, fats should be eaten in a balanced fashion. As a result of balanced fat eating, you may achieve leanness. The advantage of fat for our bodies is that it promotes health and supports hormones balance. Fats include a diverse array of fatty acid profile and provide massive amounts of essential nutrients. Certain types of these fats have also been shown to be antimicrobial, improve digestion, and enhance protein synthesis in response to strength training, while reducing muscular soreness.
    Fat can make you fat, if you eat it in excess, as any other food

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  • Red Palm Oil: Health Benefits!

    Palm oil has had a long history of food use, dating back to over 5000 years. It has been used for generations by the people of tropical Africa as an essential ingredient in ethnic dishes.

    Palm oil, a part of the vegetable oil family, is actually the nutrition-packed beneficial fat source that can supply number of health benefits to the body. Palm oil is a rich source of saturated fatty acids and natural chemical compounds but it is good for the overall health and nutrition