organic products grown in a sustainable habitat

CO2 sequestration

Organic farming plays a key role in soil carbon sequestration. Our operations return CO2 to the soil by using poly cropping with perennials crops, less use of fuels, and adding organic compost.

All development and planting by Natural Habitats Group will take place on degraded land or grassland. Under NO circumstances will primary forest be cut! The additional benefit of planting on degraded land or grassland is that our vegetation converts more CO2 into oxygen than the degraded or grassland would.

Offsetting CO2 gases is already a big business: tens of billions of dollars are currently traded on the carbon markets. Natural Habitats Group is currently involved in a large scale project to generate carbon credits. Due to the CO2 reduction initiatives and the conversion of organic waste into organic compost we are able to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of others.