organic products grown in a sustainable habitat


All our development and planting will take place on degraded land or grassland. NO primary forest will be cut! There is still plenty of degraded land available in South America and Africa, and often at low cost. Moreover, local governments support the idea of reforestation enthusiastically.

Of the land we acquire, 80% will be used for organic production and 5% will be used for infrastructure as roads, houses, etc. So, 15% of the land is left to create a bio-diverse environment with all kinds of flora and fauna. This is both beautiful and useful, because it makes the planted area with crop or trees more sustainable, and resistant against sicknesses.

Use of fossil fuelled equipment is avoided as much as possible. Mules and oxen can do the work even better than tractors! Rainwater is captured and used for irrigation and sanitary systems.


Degraded and grassland
Degraded and grassland suitable for replanting.