organic products grown in a sustainable habitat

Fair Farmer

The Familia Organica philosophy is meant to benefit all stakeholders in a positive way. Partnering farmers are educated in organic farming and methods to increase production yield We encourage and empower small farm holders with: premium prices, training and proactive support, visits and advisory from our agronomist to solve production problems and increase production yields.

By taking care of all the people involved in our business process we want to communicate good business practices and ultimately contribute to the economic development of the areas in which we are active. Moreover, by building strong relationships with partnering farmers we are able to deliver a consistent supply of products to our customers.

More specifically we support our partnering farmers by:

- In site professional advisory by our team of Agronomist
- Provide micro financing
- Picking up crops in remote locations
- Inputs, and other agricultural support


One of our small farm holders receiving an advisory visit