organic products grown in a sustainable habitat

Local Communities

Our target is to contribute to social development in our communities, through integration, education and nutrition programs. We allocate 1 % of our sales each year to social and environmental stewardship programs.Through these projects we help the local people and communicate the ‘Familia Organica’ values.

Our programs are focused on key development areas, such as:

Children integral development: we created a football school, where professional coachers work in the motivation and discipline of more than 100 children and teenagers. Besides we also support with computers and learning material to elementary schools.

Health and Nutrition: We built two health centers in Ecuador, and constantly supply them with medicine, utensils, and specialized doctors. Our social responsibility officer visit the communities and report the needs and social problems which allow us to develop training sessions for the communities.


One of the local schools set up by Natural Habitats Group.
Health and nutrition program