organic products grown in a sustainable habitat


Natural Habitats Group perceives sustainable production as a combination of fair trade business practices and organic farming. We believe the best way to communicate our philosophy to our partnering farmers is to be a farmer ourselves. We own small plantations that are used as model farms for the implementation of better agricultural practice, organic farming standards, and environmentally friendly techniques. This way we can offer to our small farmers reliable learning sources.

Production of organic agro-products is a specialist business. Organic farming requires smart solutions. At Natural Habitats, we count with a group of experience professionals constantly researching for new artisanal, and organic solutions to produce with the lowest environmental impact, while enhancing biodiversity and protecting the natural resources.
Our agronomist team has elaborated a production protocol for the implementation and control of the following systems:

- Integrated Pest Management system based on natural and smart solutions
- Waste Management system
- Water, and soil management systems
- Environmental impact assessment
- Social impact assessment