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Initiator of the Palm Done Right Movement

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Seamless communication from sales to accounting to logistics

Unique opportunities to associate your brand with sustainable palm

We enable you to connect your brand to the Palm Done Right  movement

We Call it Palm Done Right ®

100% Organic

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A Thought Leader in
Sustainable Organic Palm
Initiator of Palm Done Right ®

Supporting the awareness, growth, and use
of organic palm oil.

Natural Habitats is a company fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fairly traded products, including organic palm oil.

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Think palm oil, think deforestation. Think palm oil, think health implications. The media has disseminated such simplified messaging around palm oil for years. There have been numerous calls to action to boycott palm oil, and “no palm” labeled products are finding their way onto grocery store shelves. As an ingredient, palm oil is in high demand.

And we expect demand to grow further between now and 2050. Palm oil is used in half of all food and personal care products we consume. Its functionality improves product quality and performance. As a conscious consumer who cares about protecting the planet as well as human health, it’s important to reconsider the use of palm oil.

This has been our belief since we founded Natural Habitats in 2009, and launched Palm Done Right a few years later. Since starting our organic palm oil journey, we have shown that palm can be done right.

For us, organic means to work with nature, not against it.
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