Vision: Become the global market leader in organic palm oil.

Mission: Palm Done Right

We are an organic palm oil production company.  We envision a future in which farmers, workers and their communities are empowered, value chain partners collaborate extensively and organic agriculture will prove to be the answer to create sustainable livelihoods and foster healthy and resilient ecosystems.

We invest in scaling organic production, product innovation and education to lead for positive impact in food, personal care and animal nutrition value chains.  At the heart of our fast-growing business is our dedication to bring organic agriculture, environmental preservation, positive social impact and profitable growth to palm oil, so that sustainable livelihoods are created for palm oil communities, biodiversity is protected, our business communities receive increasing value and people can fully trust and enjoy the products they buy.

We believe there is a better way to do palm oil – we like to call it Palm Done Right.

Responsibility and sustainability are no longer just the absence of negative impact, it is being able to bring positive impact to livelihoods, the environment and markets.  We believe in doing things the right way, and we want to bring positive impact to scale.  It is our responsibility to combine scalable and profitable production of organic palm oil with social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

To realize our vision and mission, our decision making is guided by eight principles.

  1. We behave with integrity
  2. We embrace diversity
  3. We are committed to transparency
  4. We innovate to excel
  5. We empower people
  6. We encourage collaboration
  7. We share our passion for organic
  8. We enjoy what we do and have fun in the process

Natural Habitats Group is committed to the organic agriculture. For us, organic means to work with nature, not against it. We believe that through organic farming, local communities can be empowered to create their own home-grown businesses and value chains, that are sustainable into the long-term future. Organic production practices help to preserve the health of soils, ecosystems, and people.

We believe that organic agriculture can bring about the sustainable development, by reducing the need for purchased inputs (inorganic fertilizers are often prohibitively expensive), by diversifying and optimizing productivity (well-planned intercropping leads to greater overall yields), by maintaining or improving on-farm and off-farm biodiversity (organic agriculture encourages biodiversity conservation) and through sales in a premium market (communities are able to access organic markets for their agricultural products and obtain higher prices over conventional agricultural products).

Consumers and markets are changing fast and are demanding more.  We provide solutions that help farmers, partners and customers deal with those new challenges.  Through our culture of collaboration, innovation and education, and through our passion for organic agriculture, we lead positive change in palm oil production and food, personal care and animal nutrition markets.

We use our business and our Palm Done Right Model to ensure positive impact on everyone that is connected to our business: our employees, our farmers, our partners, our customers and their consumers.

PDR  promotes  the  implementation  of RSPO  P&C, RSPO NPP,  Organic standards, Fair for Life standards. It also gives examples of how to go beyond the standards, with trials in

intercropping, regenerative agriculture, programs for food security, capacity building, knowledge transfer; a holistic approach to responsible palm oil.

  1. Organic production

We produce high quality organic palm oil.  We convert conventional palm oil production to organic palm oil production, and develop degraded land into palm oil producing areas.   We are committed to: no deforestation, certified organic practices, soil improvement, composting programs and replanting.

  1. Empowerment

We empower our employees, farmers and partners to bring benefits to yields, livelihoods, soils and ecosystems. We are committed to: training & education, certification support, market integration, community support and sustainable livelihoods programs.

  1. Collaboration

We innovate, engage, inform and educate to ensure organic products receive maximum market value.  We are committed to: innovation, alignment, improved value, joint improvement projects and market & consumer education.

These three parts are essential components of the Palm Done Right model and need to be provided together.  Without empowerment, organic agriculture will not bring maximum benefits to yields, livelihoods, soils and ecosystems.  Without value chain collaboration, organic production will not receive the market reward, investment and scale, crucial to its viability.  Without innovating organic production, we will not succeed to bring quality, health and sustainability solutions to our customers, partners and farmers.