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Written by Monique van WijnbergenNatural Habitat’s Sustainability & Corporate Communications Director and spokesperson for Palm Done Right

During the past months I devoted a chunk of my time to write the first Natural Habitats Impact Report. Narrating the story of how our organic palm oil journey began, and how it has been our vision to connect consumers with farmers through Palm Done Right.

There is another side to palm oil that we don’t hear or see too often in the media. A reality where palm oil is the most efficient vegetable oil crop around the globe and improves product quality and shelf life. And the reality that palm oil helps millions of farmers and workers generate a steady income and economic progress.

Where the media continues to focus on disseminating the message of deforestation and exploitation, we prefer to focus our attention on converting conventional oil palm growers to producing organic, sustainable, and ethical palm oil — supporting the transformation of the palm oil industry from within.

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