West Paw Introduce Creamy Dog Treats

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Natural Habitats, a company committed to promoting sustainable and responsible farming practices, has recently partnered with Palm Done Right and West Paw to introduce a new line of creamy dog treats. The collaboration between these three companies aims to provide pet owners with a guilt-free option for spoiling their furry friends, while also supporting ethical and environmentally-friendly farming methods.

Palm Done Right is a movement dedicated to promoting sustainable palm oil farming practices that prioritize the well-being of local communities and ecosystems. The creamy base of the new dog treats is made from Palm Done Right’s organic and sustainably-sourced palm oil, which is free from harmful chemicals and deforestation practices. West Paw, a company known for its environmentally-conscious pet products, has crafted dog treats using simple and natural ingredients, ensuring that every bite is healthy and delicious for your furry companion. By joining forces with these like-minded companies, Natural Habitats hopes to inspire pet owners to make conscious choices that benefit both their pets and the planet.

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