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Natural Habitats is committed to always prioritizing ethical practices, community involvement, and environmental consciousness. Part of this commitment means holding ourselves, our partners, and retailers to adhere to our own social, environmental, and economic standards. In accordance with these standards, we’re proud to be Fair-Trade USA Certified.

What Does it Mean to be Fair-Trade Certified?

Having said that the oil we source from Ecuador is Fair Trade USA Certified, what does that really mean? Being Fair Trade Certified means meeting high standards put in place to ensure safe working conditions and sustainable livelihoods for those involved in the process of making palm oil, as well as environmental protection for the areas from which this oil is produced.

On the production and retail side of things, Fair Trade palm oil is made with a commitment to sustainable practices, responsible cultivation, and guarding against deforestation and ecosystem harm. This means giving consumers the best high-quality palm oil while actively contributing and working toward deforestation and helping the environment instead of harming it.

When producing palm oil, we seek to empower small farmers through fair wages, safe and ethical working conditions, and community development. Having this Fair Trade Certification cements a direct commitment to supporting local communities and a larger promotion of equitable partnerships worldwide.

What is Fair Trade USA?

Fair Trade USA was created to aid businesses in setting standards and delivering on sustainable product sourcing, environmental consciousness, and commitment to social standards like ethical and fair working environments, pay, and development.

This certification empowers farmers, retailers, and consumers alike to commit to sustainable and ethical sourcing that benefits the environment and workers while creating a high-quality product.

The Importance of Organic Palm Oil

When nearly 50% of items bought daily at grocery stores around the world contain palm oil, choosing Fair Trade Organic Palm Oil is imperative to fighting deforestation and poor sourcing practices from many palm oil producers.

Using organic palm oil from sources that practice sustainability and who are certified as Fair Trade also makes an investment and commitment on the consumer side to patronizing establishments that prioritize ethical sources. Additionally, using Fair Trade-certified, organic palm oil ensures you’re working with high-quality palm oil that will contribute to local communities and the environment instead of causing harm.

Who is Natural Habitats?

Natural Habitats and Palm Done Right are companies fully committed to the sustainable production of organic, fair-trade palm oil. Our products are made using only 100% organic practices, and are sourced from local independent farmers in South America. We support environmental preservation and the communities from which our palm oil is sourced through our fair-trade practices.

In addition to our own ethical practices, we seek to lead positive change in the palm oil industry as a whole through our work with Palm Done Right. This approach seeks to move the palm oil industry away from harmful practices that cause deforestation, habitat destruction, wildlife displacement, and harm to local communities. Instead, we aim to create a movement that connects brands, suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers with the common goal of positively impacting the environment and local communities while enjoying high-quality palm oil products.

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