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Introducing Habilac Animal Feed

At Natural Habitats, our mission is to go beyond reducing the negative impacts of palm oil production; we aim to deliver positive changes through sustainable, traceable, organic palm oil production.

To achieve this goal, our team develops products that evoke positive impacts across various industries. One of our most valued products as we work towards this goal is Habilac, the first organic, high-quality palm-based bypass supplemental fat for Ruminants.

What is Habilac?

Habilac is a high-quality bypass supplemental fat, providing energy and important long-chain fatty acids for the production and reproduction of high-producing dairy cows. When added to a dairy cow’s diet, Habilac improves feed efficiency, resulting in higher pregnancy rates and improved body condition. This is because of the increased energy delivered through the fats in our feed. This is because of the increased energy delivered through the fats in our feed. To know more about Habilac click here.

How Habilac Changes the Way Your Nourish Livestock

Wondering how Habilac works? Cows are ruminants, and ruminants have rumens. The rumen is the largest stomach compartment in these animals, and it ferments what the cow eats.

Although fats and oils provide the most energy-dense sustenance for cows, these fats must be delivered is a rumen-protected format, or else they will only be used in small quantities by the cow’s body. Habilac Organic Rumen Bypass Fat is rumen-protected, so it passes through the rumen intact, without affecting rumen bacteria or fiber digestion, and is then released for digestion in the small intestine.

By providing mainly palmitic and oleic acids, Habilac increases average daily milk yield per cow, produced primarily from the increase in energy supply from Habilac as compared to grains.

Habilac can replace the energy that cattle and dairy cows can get from grain when they follow grass fed standards.

Habilac’s Mission: Sustainable, Organic Animal Feed

Through the innovation and R&D at La Fabril’s state of the art facility in Ecuador, the team at Natural Habitats uses palm oil to provide a product that maximizes dairy cow performance and modulates energy partitioning. Just like our palm oil, Habilac is Organically Certified, fully traceable, and utilizes a transparent ingredient supply chain, with palm fruit sourced from independent farmers. Interested in learning more about Habilac and the benefits it offers? Keep reading to discover the power of this incredible product.

Why Choose Habilac?

There are countless reasons why Habilac should be your top choice to feed your dairy cows. Discover just a few of the remarkable benefits below!

  • Improved Fertility: One significant benefit of Habilac is that it increases the likelihood of successful pregnancies. This supplement also increases the production of progesterone, which is an essential pregnancy hormone, and improves the quality of eggs and the development of embryos. These factors all contribute to overall improved fertility for cows.
  • Heightened Absorption through Rumen Protection: Because the fat in Habilac is rumen-protected, this reduces the risk of reduction in fiber digestibility and enables more of the unsaturated fatty acids to pass to the small intestine. More oleic acids are available for absorption, helping cows to slow the loss of body fat after calving. Additionally, palmitic acid helps increase milk production.
  • Enhanced Energy Levels: Habilac is the only organic and targeted supplement for dairy cows that balances and increases energy supply while at the same time, reducing body condition loss. Palmitic acids provide an all-over energy source and have unique and specific functions for lactating dairy cows. With higher energy, high-producing dairy cows can continue to produce on this level.
  • Balance of Palmitic and Oleic Acids: With Habilac, you can successfully deliver the perfect balance of palmitic acid and oleic acid to your dairy cows. How does this help your cattle? The balance of these acids increases the body condition scores of lactating cows, improves milk yields, increases butterfat, provides better fertility, and decreases methane emissions.
Product description: Bulk Packaging Net weight (lbs) Application
Palm Shortening MP36 Carton box 33 All Purpose Baking, Frying, Donuts
Palm Shortening MP39 Carton box 33 All Purpose Baking, Frying, Donuts
Palm RBD MP36 Totes 2013 All Purpose Baking, Bar Soap
Palm Stearin MP48 Carton box 33 Specialty Baking, Nut Butters, Popcorn, Soups, Processed Meat, Candles
Palm Olein MP20 Totes 2013 Functional Ingredient: Frying, Salad Oil, Sauces, Personal Care
Palm Kernel RBD MP28 Totes 2013 Confections, Coatings, Personal Care
Red Palm MP36 Totes 2013 Functional Ingredient for: Baking, Sautéing
Buttery Spread Carton box 33 Butter Alternative, Creamy spreadable texture, rich buttery taste
Habiwax 100 – Palm Wax (Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil) Carton box 33 Candles, Personal Care (Body Balm, Lip Balm, Eye Liner), Food (Candy, Hard Cookies and Pet Treats)
HABILAC (Organic Rumen by Pass Fat) 25 KG bags, 1 Ton (1000 kg) big bags Cattle Feed Supplement

Palm Done Right with Habilac

Natural Habitats lives by the idea of delivering a better way to buy palm oil—something we call Palm Done Right ®. Our work centers providing deforestation-free, wildlife-friendly, ethically-made palm oil. With our product Habilac, we continue to stand for our movement of growing and producing organic palm oil in a way that nurtures people, animals, habitats, community, and the environment. We produce Habilac at LaFabril in Ecuador, which uses state-of-the-art technology to develop high-end products and solutions for our clients.

Organic Animal Feed You Can Trust

With Habilac, you can confidently deliver organic, high-quality palm-based bypass supplemental fat to your dairy cows. This product is Non-GMO Verified, USDA-Certified Organic, and RSPO Certified, making Habilac an ethical and positive choice for your feed.

At Natural Habitats, we’re proud to provide a product that delivers an incredible solution while remaining sustainable and ethical. Interested in purchasing Habilac for your dairy-producing cows? Contact us online, or call us at (720) 328-4558.


Habilac is a premium organic animal feed produced by Natural Habitats. It is made from sustainably sourced ingredients and is designed to provide optimal nutrition for various types of livestock. Habilac is free from synthetic additives and GMOs, ensuring a natural diet for animals.

Habilac Organic Animal Feed is formulated with a range of organic ingredients, including plant-based proteins, essential minerals, and vitamins. The specific composition of the feed varies to cater to the nutritional needs of different livestock.

Yes, Habilac is designed to meet the dietary requirements of a variety of livestock, including poultry, cattle, pigs, horses, and sheep. We offer specialized formulas to ensure that each animal type receives the nutrients it needs for optimal health and growth.

Habilac is produced with sustainability at its core. It utilizes organic by-products from other agricultural processes, reducing waste and environmental impact. Additionally, its production involves energy-efficient methods, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Yes, Habilac Organic Animal Feed is certified organic. It meets all the stringent standards set for organic animal feeds, ensuring that it is free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms.

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