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Making Sustainable Palm Oil A Reality With Palm Done Right

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By Monique van Wijnbergen

Palm oil is an ingredient as widespread as it is controversial. Found in products like food, cosmetics, soap, and even detergent, it is a hot topic among those concerned with the environment, animal welfare, and food justice. In the media, there has been a lot of attention on palm oil, especially for the downside of its production. Images of forest and wildlife habitat destruction make us think we’d better stay away from it. But that is not the full story. Done right, palm oil can be one of the most sustainable oils in the world, supporting people, communities, and the environment, and enhancing the quality and performance of the food, personal care, and household products we use on a daily basis.

Growing Palm Differently: 100% Organic & Sustainable 

When Dutch entrepreneur Alfons van der Aa, founder, and CEO of Natural Habitats, embarked on his organic palm oil journey he was convinced that palm oil could be grown differently. That is, grown in a way that ensures everyone can benefit from the many advantages that palm oil has to offer. With that idea in mind, he founded Natural Habitats and committed to creating positive change in a contentious sector.

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