Natural Habitats Welcomes New Partner Kulig Aromatique & Project Hive Pet Company

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At Natural Habitats, our mission is to grow palm for good, rather than continuing poor standards of harvesting and production to run rampant through the industry. Despite our best efforts, accomplishing this goal would be impossible alone. That’s why we work with valued partners across industries, the people who are doing palm right. 

The newest additions to our esteemed roster of partners are Kulig Aromatique and Project Hive Pet Company, two companies that uphold our values and utilize 100% organic, fully traceable, deforestation-free, wildlife-friendly, fair and social palm oil. Interested in learning more about them? Keep reading to discover why these companies are such valuable additions to our team!  

Kulig Aromatique

Meet Kulig Aromatique, a retailer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that supplies high quality fragrances, micas, and essential oils. They even offer raw ingredients, including wildcrafted botanicals, clays, oils, butters, and waxes, as well as bottles, closures, and vessels for fragrances. This incredible supplier is committed to affordability, accessibility, and outstanding quality, the mainstays of their business. 

All of their products are vegan and contain no phthalates or parabens. Additionally, they only sell items that are uncut, free of additives, and IFRA certified—ensuring that their customers receive the best of the best! From the team’s boutique in Montreal, they ship their high quality products and supplies worldwide. With Kulig Aromatique, you can smell good and do good. The Palm Done Right crew is thrilled to welcome Kulig Aromatique to our team of partners! 

More Fun Facts: 

  • Authorized Mad Micas reseller 
  • Offers an Aroma Points system to earn rewards 
  • Sells convenient 2 oz. sample sizes 

Project Hive Pet Company 

Discover Project Hive Pet Company, a Minnesota-based Certified B Corp business that creates dog toys and treats that utilize sustainable materials and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. Since 2021, they have been providing dog owners with goodies that they can feel good about and that their pups absolutely love: a total win-win. Now, they’re pledging to do palm right, an added bonus to their already incredible mission.  

Check out their very first product containing palm oil, released in August, the Peanut Butter Spreadable Dog Treat. With just three simple ingredients—peanuts, organic honey, and sustainably sourced, organic, Palm Done Right® Oil—Project Hive Pet Company is bringing the beauty of sustainable, organic palm oil to the pet sphere. Discover what they had to say about our partnership: 

“We are so excited to launch our first spreadable dog treat with sustainably sourced, organic, Palm Done Right® Oil. The Palm Done Right® promise authentically assures us and our pet parent customers that the palm oil used in our product is organic, fully traceable, deforestation-free, fair and social, and wildlife friendly. It really aligns with our brand and mission, and we look forward to offering this yummy, healthy treat in more flavors!” 

More Fun Facts: 

  • Products made in the USA 
  • Every purchase plants wildflowers, helping to save the bees! 
  • Founded by husband and wife duo, Jim Schifman and Melissa Rappaport Schifman 

Partners Who Do Palm Right 

With each new addition to our team of wonderful partners, organic, sustainable palm oil continues to grow towards being the standard industry-wide. As we work to spread our mission and effect change throughout the palm oil supply chain, we recognize that the partnership of other companies is what allows us to gain momentum and achieve even more.  

At Palm Done Right, these relationships empower us to preserve habitats around the world, uplift farmers and their valuable work, and encourage communities to thrive. As we all work towards a common goal, we believe that each day is a step toward even bigger changes across the globe. 

Interested in discovering more of the partners we work with? Explore our list of complete partners. 

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