There is still much to explore in adopting a green sciences approach.

The Need To Go Clean And Green, Part 3 of 3

About this series: Part 1: Palm Oil in Cosmetics. Part 2: The Future of Palm Oil. Gay Timmons has been in the agricultural business for decades. Twenty-one years ago she founded Oh, Oh Organic, selling organic ingredients—including palm oil—to cosmetic companies in North America. “The chemical industry is complacent,” says Timmons, a scientist herself. Many chemists may […]

Global demand for palm oil continues to grow for a broad range of uses.

The Future of Palm Oil, Part 2 of 3

Looking into the future, we know that palm oil is here to stay. Palm and palm kernel oil are superior ingredients for the cosmetic market when done right. Not only do they bring functional benefits to products, they also bring economic progress to producing countries. So, palm oil has the capacity to bring benefits to many. However, […]

Palm oil derives from the fruit of the oil palm that is grown in the humid tropics.

Palm Oil In Cosmetics, Part 1 of 3

Palm oil is an invisible part of our lives as a functional ingredient in many of the food, personal care and household products that we use on a daily basis. There is palm oil in your cosmetic products, as well, because it mixes easily with other ingredients, makes your products creamy, and improves product stability […]

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The Regenerative Palm Initiative

The Regenerative Palm Initiative: Palm Oil as a Keystone Crop for Regeneration in the Humid Tropics By Monique van Wijnbergen, Luke Smith The Origins of Palm Oil If you were to walk through the palm oil groves of equatorial West Africa, you might find it difficult to distinguish between these man-made agroforests and the native forest from […]


Revolutionizing The Way Candles Are Made

Way Out Wax Teams Up with Palm Done Right® To Create The First Candle Made From 100% Organic Palm Wax Boulder, Colo. November 4, 2020 — Way Out Wax teams up with Palm Done Right® to create the first truly sustainable candle made with 100% organic palm wax. Free of petrochemical dyes and synthetic fragrances, Way Out Wax […]