New Planting Procedure Announcement

Natural Habitats Group has a new project in Makpele Chiefdom in the Southern District of Sierra Leone. As a member of RSPO, the company should undergo the New Planting Procedure, which has the following key steps: A comprehensive and participatory independent social and environmental impact assessment, including high conservation value areas identification. Development and implementation […]

SOS : Save Our Soils

Natural Habitats COO Kevin Godlington discusses the importance of soil health on the Huffington Post blog.

Natural Habitats USA, Inc. Moves Headquarters to Boulder

Natural Habitats USA, Inc., the leading organic palm oil company in the world that is raising the standards for truly responsible palm oil, has relocated its headquarters to Boulder, CO from Richmond, CA. The new office is located in North Boulder at 948 North Street, Unit 7, Boulder, CO 80304. The group also announces three […]