• Palm Shortening 36C/38C -All Purpose Baking, Frying
  • Palm Shortening 42C -All Purpose Baking, Frying
  • Pastry Chef Shortening – Pastries, Croissants, Bars
  • Pastry Chef Shortening w/Butter Flavor – Pastries, Croissants, Bars
  • Shortening Flakes – Pastries, Croissants
  • Shortening Flakes w/Butter – Pastries, Croissants
  • RBD Palm 36C – All Purpose Baking, Frying
  • Unrefined, Filtered Red Palm 36C – High anti-oxidant Ingredient for Super Foods
  • Palm Stearin MP48 – Specialty Baking, Frozen Desserts
  • Palm Olein 24C – Frying, Salad Oil, Sauces
  • Red Palm Olein – Frying, Retail Pack, Nutraceuticals
  • High Oleic Sunflower and Palm Olein Blend (60/40) – Frying, Retail Pack, Nutraceuticals
  • Jug in a Box – Restaurant, Frying
  • Shea Butter, RBD -Cosmetics
  • Organic Palm Fruit Oil, RBD – Soap and balms
  • Organic Palm Stearin – Hardens candle waxes
  • Organic Palm Olein – Liquid soap
  • Organic Palm Kernel Oil – Soap, lotions and balms
  • Organic Palm Wax, Habiwax TM – Vegan replacement for beeswax, adds structure to serums and hardens lip balm and lip sticks. Perfect for candles

Innovation JV with La Fabril

Natural Habitats has formalized an innovation JV with La Fabril, a leading palm oil R&D facility in Manta, Ecuador. Natural Habitats has innovation capabilities above and beyond any other organic palm oil supplier, and is leading technology in organic palm oil processes to bring new and unique products to market.