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 International Logistics

As a multi-national company, Natural Habitats has robust experience managing transportation of organic products around the world. Our international team of supply chain experts and partners work tirelessly to provide the most efficient and effective logistics and packaging solutions, customized for each shipment. We pride ourselves on finding the best logistics solutions for individual customers, and providing on-time, cost-effective options to suit our customers in North America, South America, Europe and beyond.

Whether shipping a full container directly from our production facilities or fulfilling a pallet sized order from one of our warehouses, Natural Habitats is able to assist customers of all sizes. Natural Habitats organic products can be delivered in a selection of packaging types, including private label, to serve different product usage needs.

Packaging options include:


Transparent Supply Chains Backed by Trusted Certifications

Our supply chain is fully traceable and transparent.

Unlike most palm oil producers, we use the Identity Preserved model under RSPO certification. We know exactly which farm each batch of palm oil comes from, and guarantee that the oil is physically isolated from other palm oil throughout the entire supply chain. Most other palm oil producers use the Mass Balance model, which allows the mixing of RSPO-certified with non-certified oils at any point in the supply chain.

Natural Habitats Supply Chain

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