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Natural Habitats palm oil products are produced in Ecuador and carry the Identity Preserved (IP) certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO-IP certification is the highest supply chain certification level offered by the RSPO. This certification means that palm oil produced by Natural Habitats is kept separate from other palm oil along the supply chain for true traceability.

At Natural Habitats, we offer both industrial ingredients as well as consumer products.

Product capabilities
  • Organic RBD palm oil
  • Organic filtered red palm oil
  • Organic RBD palm kernel oil
  • Organic shortening
  • Organic palm wax
  • Private label available
Product description: Bulk Packaging Net weight (lbs) Application
Palm Shortening MP36 Carton box 33 All Purpose Baking, Frying, Donuts
Palm Shortening MP39 Carton box 33 All Purpose Baking, Frying, Donuts
Palm RBD MP36 Totes 2013 All Purpose Baking, Bar Soap
Palm Stearin MP48 Carton box 33 Specialty Baking, Nut Butters, Popcorn, Soups, Processed Meat, Candles
Palm Olein MP20 Totes 2013 Functional Ingredient: Frying, Salad Oil, Sauces, Personal Care
Palm Kernel RBD MP28 Totes 2013 Confections, Coatings, Personal Care
Red Palm MP36 Totes 2013 Functional Ingredient for: Baking, Sautéing
Buttery Spread Carton box 33 Butter Alternative, Creamy spreadable texture, rich buttery taste
Habiwax 100 – Palm Wax (Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil) Carton box 33 Candles, Personal Care (Body Balm, Lip Balm, Eye Liner), Food (Candy, Hard Cookies and Pet Treats)
HABILAC (Organic Rumen by Pass Fat) 25 KG bags, 1 Ton (1000 kg) big bags Cattle Feed Ingredient

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Product Categories
Organic Products For Food & Personal Care

Our Organic Palm Oil is an amazing ingredient in all-purpose baking. It is a good blending oil, and can serve as a great vegan alternative to butter. From brands who use it in their light flaky and tender Plant-Based Pastry Dough to others who use it for Frying and for Donuts, Cookies, Crackers, and Pie Crusts. Palm shortening is a great alternative to butter for those seeking gluten free, allergy friendly, and vegan products that can satisfy their palates AND their dietary requirements.


Palm oil is the perfect substitute for the animal fats that are used to make salves, shampoos and lip balms so creamy. Palm oil is vegan, has no scent or taste, produces a smooth texture in cosmetics, prevents drying out of a product, and binds the different ingredients together.Oil from the kernel is used in soaps, cosmetics, household products, and personal care products.


Palm wax is the most sustainable option for candle making when the palm oil used for producing the wax comes from sources that use 100% organic practices, protect forests & wildlife and support local farmers and communities.


Palm is often used in nut butters . By using Natural Habitats you are supporting organic, responsible growers, and an ethical supply chain. Not only that but it will be a butter you will love,  and is good for the planet. Find it also in Confections, Coatings, Vegan Ghee, Nut Butters and Popcorn.


Palm fruit oil is safe and nutritious! As the #1 oil consumed around the world for centuries, palm fruit oil is a safe, beneficial fat for humans and pets. It has no “bad” trans fat and is rich in omega 3s. Use of palm oil significantly increased in the U.S. following the ban on trans fats because it replicates similar properties in formulas without introducing the health concerns associated with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. In Dog food it is primarily used as a binder.

Innovation with La Fabril

Natural Habitats has formalized an innovation with La Fabril, a leading palm oil R&D facility in Manta, Ecuador. Natural Habitats has innovation capabilities above and beyond any other organic palm oil supplier, and is leading technology in organic palm oil processes to bring new and unique products to market.

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