At Natural Habitats, we offer both industrial ingredients as well as consumer products.

Product capabilities

  • Organic RBD palm oil
  • Organic filtered red palm oil
  • Organic red stearin
  • Organic red olein
  • Organic RBD palm kernel oil
  • Organic shortening
  • Organic palm wax
  • Private label available
Item # Product description: Bulk Packaging Net weight (lbs) Application
ECP0001 Palm Shortening MP36 Carton box 33 All Purpose Baking, Frying, Donuts
ECP0003 Palm RBD MP36 Totes 2013 All Purpose Baking, Bar Soap
ECP0007 Palm Stearin MP48 Carton box 33 Specialty Baking, Nut Butters, Popcorn, Soups, Processed Meat, Candles
ECP0010 Palm Olein MP20 Totes 2013 Functional Ingredient: Frying, Salad Oil, Sauces, Personal Care
ECP0017.1 Palm Kernel RBD MP28 Totes 2013 Confections, Coatings, Personal Care
ECP0030 Red Palm MP36 Totes 2013 Functional Ingredient for: Baking, Sautéing
USP0101 Buttery Spread Carton box 33 Butter Alternative, Creamy spreadable texture, rich buttery taste
GUS0003 HabiWax 100 - Organic (cosmos) Palm Wax Carton box 33 Lip Balms/Sticks, Candles, Personal Care

Innovation JV with La Fabril

Natural Habitats has formalized an innovation JV with La Fabril, a leading palm oil R&D facility in Manta, Ecuador. Natural Habitats has innovation capabilities above and beyond any other organic palm oil supplier, and is leading technology in organic palm oil processes to bring new and unique products to market.

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