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Sustainability is core to the values Natural Habitats was founded upon. To us, sustainability is a business approach to guarantee our operations work in harmony with the environment, preserving native species and natural resources, supporting local communities through fair and honest relationships, and creating sustainable livelihoods through programs that go above and beyond the current responsible palm oil standards. Natural Habitats has worked tirelessly to develop a supply chain that meets the highest sustainability standards, and our quality assurance program is second to none in the oil industry, ensuring the products we produce are always  100% organic and support fair trade.

Palm Done Right

To reflect our commitment to Sustainability, Natural Habitats has created a movement called Palm Done Right® to demonstrate that palm oil can be cultivated with an elevated model. Palm Done Right is an effort to not only meet third party certifications, but to combine the highest responsible palm oil certifications together and go above and beyond current certifications with social and community development programs. As it is not enough to simply meet the minimum requirements for organic and sustainable production of palm oil, we combine many different certifications in the Palm Done Right program to ensure there are no gaps in our sustainability initiatives. The USDA and the European Union’s Organic certification programs, and the Fair For Life fair trade standard provide clear guidelines for farmers and producers to follow. They involve annual, independent—and stringent—audits to hold all accountable.

A Wholistic Approach

Palm Done Right, isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a way of doing business, and the Palm Done Right principles permeate every aspect of the Natural Habitats supply chain. Palm Done Right starts with a commitment of the project developer to go beyond the standards throughout all levels of the organization – from the farm to the customer. Palm Done Right participants aren’t doing what they do for a label. They’re doing what they do to carry out their vision of using palm oil farming and production—Palm Done Right—as a method for making the world a better place.

The Natural Habitats Sustainability Model focuses on four areas: Ecology, Economy, Social and Continuous Improvement. Natural Habitats employs sustainability efforts in each of these areas. For each category, the special programs are developed to tackle the issues identified in the region. The main objective of those programs is to establish systems that ensure that the negative impacts are no longer created and the positive ones are continually enhanced. For each project, specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been developed to monitor the progress and results.

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