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What There Is To Know About Vegetable Oil

The San Francisco Bay area is home to a variety of restaurants that are on a mission to provide delicious, healthy, and clean food. A number of these restaurants are very particular about the vegetable oil they use for cooking and frying. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit three wonderful Palm Done […]

Wilfrido Marcillas and his daughter Camilla, oil palm farmers in Quevedo, Ecuador

A Farmer’s Green Revolution

An early Friday morning, earlier this month, I met with Wilfrido Marcillas and his daughter Camilla, Palm Done Right farmers in Quevedo, Ecuador. It is a joy to be in the field and hear their stories. And it is crucial for understanding their challenges and needs. A farmer his entire life, Wilfrido has gone through […]

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Why We Use Palm Oil

Early summer my attention was drawn to an article with the title “How palm oil became the world’s most hated, most used fat source”, written by Jonathan E. Robins, associate professor of global history at Michigan Technology University. The article was published right after the launch of his book Oil Palm, covering ten years of research of the crop’s […]

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Ecuador’s Sexiest Frogs

In July 2000, the UN’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre recognized 17 megadiverse countries which hold the majority of Earth’s species and high numbers of endemic species. The term megadiverse has been awarded to those countries that have at least 5,000 of the world’s plants as endemics and have marine ecosystems within its borders (source: Ecuador, […]

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Why Green Cosmetics Matter

Most of us use multiple cosmetic products daily. These products nourish our skin, make us feel good and help us get that special glow when we’re getting ready for the day. Many of the ingredients essential for making these products are derived from palm (kernel) oil. So, whether we realize it or not, this means […]

Linne’s two-toed sloths at Denver Zoo

Shop Smart, To Save Sloths

“A zoo is a place that combines the idea of preserving the environment and the role that humans play in that preservation,” says Dr. Amy Harrison-Levine, Director of Field Conservation Programs at Denver Zoo. I interviewed her earlier this year as we engaged in a partnership between Denver Zoo and Palm Done Right. This collaboration […]