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(August 25, 2020) The Covid pandemic is still affecting all of us. Like many communities around the world, the farming communities in Ecuador have also been severely impacted. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and children have been deprived of going to school, losing out on their education and the daily connection with their friends. Yet, during this difficult time we have also seen beautiful initiatives and stories of unity. One such story comes from Esmeraldas Province, one of the Palm Done Right palm growing regions in Ecuador.

Meet Daniel Andrade, a man with a never-ending commitment to contribute to his community. A soccer coach and agricultural worker in Esmeraldas Province, he has dedicated his life to stimulating and motivating children to be curious and to focus on learning in order to build a solid foundation for their future. Faced with school closings and suspension of all sports activities, including soccer, he found a new way to unite and motivate the children. Daniel started a food garden project as a way to reconnect the children through a fulfilling, educational and fun activity.

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