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(October 19, 2020) By Monique van Wijnbergen

Are we able to fully grasp the beauty and importance of all wildlife, including the tiniest, sometimes invisible creatures that are crucial for our living planet? When we think of wildlife often images of mammals and colorful birds come to mind, like the iconic orangutan. Amphibians and reptiles are usually not the first creatures we think of. Yet, they can be strikingly beautiful in color and extraordinary in shape. And they are important indicators of a healthy ecosystem.

The agricultural burden
Agricultural development and nature often clash. Deforestation and wildlife habitat destruction continue to have a negative impact on biodiversity and excessive chemical use is damaging to soil health and water supplies. Amphibians are extremely sensitive to environmental change and there has been a significant decline of frogs, toads, and salamanders around the world. Many species have completely disappeared, while others have become extremely rare. This is a troubling development we see around the world, including biodiversity-rich regions in South America.

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