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Is the nutraceutical industry prepared for a second wave of Covid?

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Despite new cases of COVID-19 on the rise, lockdowns are lifting, businesses are reopening and some students are returning to school in person. With the pandemic far from over, there is speculation that a second coronavirus wave could be imminent.

Over 132,000 American businesses have permanently or temporarily closed since March, according to Yelp. While temporary business closures are decreasing as some states reopen, permanent closures are rising, accounting for 55% of all shuttered businesses.

Nutralngredients-USA decided to ‘take the temperature of the room’ by reaching out to a number of companies to get their take on preparation plans, should a second round of COVID come into play.

Whether it is increasing capacity, diversifying their portfolio, or adding more suppliers, every business we spoke with from the East coast to Hong Kong confirmed they do have a backup plan in place. A number of the companies said the main challenge is simply getting ahead, given demand for dietary supplements is at an all-time high.


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