5 solutions to palm oil sourcing

Manufacturers must continue the conversation around palm oil to address customer concerns. During Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim earlier this month, we had many conversations about the future of palm oil. The “no palm” movement seems to be getting traction, especially among conscious consumers. – New Hope


What’s worse than palm oil? Saying ‘no’ to it

Think palm oil, think deforestation. Say no to palm oil and deforestation will be halted. This has been the simplified reasoning around the complex topic of palm oil. There have been numerous calls to action to boycott palm oil, and “no palm” labeled products are finding their way onto the shelves in our grocery stores. – […]


‘Ecuador is taking sustainability seriously’

‘Ecuador is taking sustainability seriously’: Natural Habitats on organic palm oil sourcing Natural Habitats is one of the world’s biggest producers of certified organic palm oil, and almost all its supplies are grown in Ecuador. We caught up with its sustainability director to find out more. – Food Navigator-LATAM

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Inclusive palm oil development in Sierra Leone

Millions of people around the world today depend on palm oil, for their livelihoods with approximately 40% of global output produced by smallholder farmers, and great improvements to rural livelihoods could be made by including more smallholders in the global supply chain – European Tropical Forest Research Network – ETFRN News 59

photo africa by the numbers

Africa by the numbers

Purpose-based brands are finding success sourcing from Africa but not without hard work By the numbers, Africa is staggering: hundreds of millions of acres never touched by industrial agriculture; a diversity of habitats to support almost anything that grows; a who-knows-how-long list of ingredients yet to be discovered by the West; and a vast workforce […]