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September is Palm Done Right Month

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Boulder, CO—Palm Done Right has announced September as Palm Done Right month. The educational platform will be raising awareness of brands that are committed to creating a better future by using organic, sustainable, and ethical palm oil. Throughout the month, the platform will highlight retailers who have joined the movement, celebrate brands who are committed to Palm Done Right principles and encourage consumers to shop sustainably.

Throughout the month, Palm Done Right will highlight 10 product categories/products that are sourcing palm oil that is organic, deforestation-free, wildlife-friendly, fair, and social. The campaign is using these hashtags to spread awareness:

#SoapDoneRight  #SnacksDoneRight  #DonutsDoneRight  #BakingDoneRight #BeautyDoneRight #PizzaDoneRight #CandlesDoneRight #SpreadsDoneRight #CookingDoneRight #RetailingDoneRight

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