Sustainable development is not feasible without environmental stewardship. Therefore, it is of vital importance for Natural Habitats to monitor its impacts on the environment and to implement all available methods for its preservation. The company uses only organic agriculture practices and pays close attention to nature conservation and biodiversity enhancement.

Natural Habitats currently has a sustainable environmental development program for the students of the schools in Chaupara community. The program includes trainings on waste management and the importance of environmental protection for the children.

Natural Habitats identifies the high conservation value areas within farmers’ plantations and installs proper indicators around those areas. It is important for the company to train the farmers and the communities about the importance of the protection and the proper management of those biodiversity spots.

National legislation of Ecuador requires growers to have an Environmental Management Plan for their plantations. The development of the plan by an independent consultant is fairly expensive. Therefore, Natural Habitats helps the farmers by developing the environmental management plans, free of charge, for each production unit of the suppliers of palm oil fruit.

The company conducted a field assessment to identify fragile ecosystems, including watersheds, which require protection and rehabilitation. Based on the results of the study, a reforestation plan was developed that Natural Habitats applies to all growing and production operations.

The employees of Natural Habitats regularly organize community cleaning projects and trainings on waste management. The company aims to teach people to manage, dispose and recycle their garbage responsibly.

Our farmers in Ecuador are certified with Ecuadorian National Regulation for Organic Agriculture, European Organic Regulation and USDA Organic by the French certification organization Ecocert. These operational areas undergo annual external audits to ensure their internal systems are working correctly to guarantee the organic integrity of the products. Finally, Natural Habitats’ trading offices in the US and the Netherlands are also certified organic to ensure the proper handling of the products and to prevent contamination with the conventionally produced goods.

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