A New Generation Of Farmers Takes The Lead

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(November 30, 2020) David Attenborough’s recent documentary “A Life on Our Planet” offers the sobering view of the decline of our planet during his generation’s lifetime. The burden of conventional agriculture on nature and its diversity of species is astounding.
Yet, the documentary also presents solutions for reversing agricultural damage by creating more diverse landscapes and working with nature as “our biggest ally and inspiration”.
A new generation of farmers is taking the lead.

Nutritionist and farmer

During my trip to Ecuador earlier this month, to meet with our teams and talk to Palm Done Right farmers, I met with Ricardo Mejía and his daughter Evelyn, owners of ‘Estefania’ farm in Quevedo Canton. It was still early in the morning when we reached their farm. While the sunlight was peeping through the palm leaves Evelyn shared her beautiful story.

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