How Palm Oil is Changing the Cosmetics Industry

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We all know that palm oil and red palm oil are extremely versatile ingredients used in a variety of products, from cleaning supplies, to cooking and food products, to cosmetics. But while we’re well aware of the incredible health benefits palm oil brings to the table thanks to it’s Vitamin A, E, and beta-carotene-rich makeup that help out those consuming it when it comes to fighting heart disease or certain cancers, the benefits that palm oil brings to other industries might fly a little more under the radar. 

What industries are we talking about when it comes to the benefits of palm oil, you might wonder? In this instance, we’re discussing the incredible benefits palm oil brings to the cosmetics it helps make up, as well as how looking for palm oil in cosmetics you hope to use can bring not only your skin many benefits, but also keep it looking it’s best. 

Palm Oil in Cosmetics: The Benefits

The first thing you might think of when it comes to considering how palm oil might impact the cosmetics industry would be its contributions to many skincare products. Palm oil contains many vitamins and antioxidants which benefit the skin. From anti-aging aspects, to its ability to intensely moisturize and hydrate skin, to its universal appeal to all skin types, palm oil is a huge game-changer for many. 

In addition to its skin benefits, palm oil is also incredibly versatile, and can be used in a variety of products. From creams, to balms, to salves and lipsticks, palm oil is integral to the makeup of many different solutions. 


How to Use Palm Oil in Cosmetics Responsibly

On top of it’s continued benefits for skin and hair, palm oil is also very affordable to produce, and can also be harvested year-round. This makes it especially easier to use in a huge amount of products, as distributors do not have to wait for it to come into season. 

However, because palm oil has so many benefits and is affordable and easy to use, many companies take advantage of this and contribute to the harmful and unsustainable practices that end in deforestation, species displacement, and habitat destruction. 

Palm oil has been a game changer for the cosmetic industry in terms of versatility and in the benefits it brings to the many products it’s used in, but without sustainability taken into consideration, all of these benefits certainly come at a cost. 

When using palm oil as hugely beneficial ingredients in cosmetic products, it’s imperative that companies consider sustainability and the environmental impact using irresponsibly sourced palm oil brings. Palm oil can be farmed and harvested using methods that actually benefit both the land and the farmers who harvest it, but it requires the public and industries at large to invest in it and take interest in the preservation of some of the world’s most precious rainforests and habitats. 

To learn more about how your cosmetics purchase can be used to promote sustainable palm oil practices, learn more about what it means to responsibly farm palm oil, and learn more about Natural Habitat’s mission


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