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Commitments to Sustainable Palm Oil

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In the continuing fight to create a sustainable palm oil industry, Natural Habitats is proud to have a network of partners committed to using only sustainable palm oil. By committing to only using palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and hence only using palm oil that is farmed organically and responsibly, our partners are doing their part to stop rampant deforestation and habitat destruction too often caused by harmful palm oil producers. Before highlighting our proud partners, let’s examine why the concept of sustainable palm oil is so important. 


What is Sustainable Palm Oil?

When the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was first founded in 2004, it was done so with the vision to create a would where the ingredient known as palm oil, which is found in common household cleaning products, many popular foods, and cooking oils alike, would be able to be sourced sustainably. This is done to stop the harmful deforestation and habitat endangerment that too frequently is directly associated with the ingredients. 


As demand for palm oil only grows more and more over the years, it only becomes more and more important that growers, traders, and consumers alike all emphasize the need for sustainable and ethical farming and production practices when it comes to palm oil production. Without pressure from all sides, palm oil will continue to be produced in a way that causes mass deforestation, habitat destruction, and wildlife displacement. Currently, the RSPO has been able to certify one-fifth of the market as sustainably sourced and produced in 2020, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. 


Both farmers, producers, and consumers alike need to band together to create a world when palm oil is collectively sustainably produced, and done so in a way that promotes habitat creation and creates habitats for animals, instead of taking them away. 


Our Proud Partners

It’s imperative that businesses and corporations invest in sustainable palm oil for the good of the world’s rainforests, endangered species, climate, and for the wellbeing of small farmers. Some of our partners who are committed to doing so include:

  • Dr. Bronner’s All-One!: Palm oil is an amazing ingredient for use in soapmaking, which Dr. Bronner’s All-One! Knows well. This company, founded in 1948, has prided itself on creating ‘all-in-one’ soap formulas for any use, and which is only made with the highest quality products. Being environmentally responsible is also incredibly important to the brand, who has committed to only using  sustainably sourced palm oil products. 

  • Nutiva: When you think Nutiva, you might think of amazing, environmentally-friendly cooking oils, seeds, proteins, baking products, and various alternative spreads. However, next time you think of Nutiva, you can also think of them as a company who also prioritizes the good of the small farmers they work with to sustainably produce red palm oil for their products. 

  • Grove Collaborative: Since 2018, Grove Collaborative has worked to provide high-quality and well performing household cleaning products, personal care, laundry, beauty and pet products – all which emphasize a commitment to prioritizing the environment and committing to sustainable production and harvesting methods for all of the ingredients in their products. 

We are proud to work with these businesses to make sure that their uses of palm oil in their products continues to be done through sustainable sources. When we band together to save our precious rainforests and combat deforestation and climate change, we all win! Want to learn even more about us and the brands we partner with? Check us out here.

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